POF : « They have adapted. »

POF : « They have adapted. »

Good god. the scammers in my area just keep adapting faster then I can report them. few months ago they just had sex photos with a website they want in the picture. I mean full blown porn site material. after due diligence with reporting, POF finally got the hint that they had a problem and done something to stop it. well. onto round 2.

scammers started to use images from models and have profile images of Asses. like full on Sir Mix-A-Lot butts. it didn’t take long to notice after the first message that they were also scammers. again with full on reporting mode to kill off the cockroaches infesting the site. onto round 3.

today I’ve got messages from ‘girls’ who are like 8/10 or no-face profile images with awful grammar in profiles, face-rolling username and/or bios. I’ve reported more people then a forum moderator. its like I should be paid to look for this.
I’ve talked to a returning local user and she also noticed the uptake in fake users. so much so, it seems like she deleted her account in frustration.

my area has a population size of around 70,000 people. no idea why I’m using this site when the population size in my area is so small. has anyone else saw this pattern in larger cities?

By. DeathWish001

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  1. I know guys encounter bots way more than girls do, but when I was on POF a few months back I encountered 2 bots. Both wanted me to download KIK and whatsapp. I was like no I won’t download them and I never got any more messages from them.

  2. Pretty sure they are getting another iteration now. Had sent a message to someone and a day later they said something along the lines of « im not on here much can you text me here instead » and gave a number. Pretty sure it’s another bot with some random’s number

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