POF : Thirsty Boi got a Sour Taste

POF : Thirsty Boi got a Sour Taste

Ok I met this guy on PoF and I decided why not let him text my number. I was bored but whatever, on with the story.
Me: hey demons, it’s ya girl
AL: Thirsty Boi
The following is all of the texts sent minus the pictures/video from Thirsty Boi. Literally copy paste.

Aug, 15- 7:07 pm
AL: *sends picture of super close up of eyes*
AL: Hey Luv🌹Its AL Frm Tggd 😘💯
(Pretty sure it was PoF actually lol)
AL: *sends video of him in car with loud freakin music with glasses on*

(I didn’t reply because of stuff that happened in real life)

Aug, 19 6:51 am
AL: GM Sexy 🌹
(Note that I haven’t sent him a photo. So he’s looked at my profile picture at least right?)

Aug, 19 8:10 am
Me: Hi

AL: Do u kno who i am?

Me: Yeah

AL: *proceeds to send close up of eyes again*
AL: It’s AL Frm Tggd 😘💯
Al: *sends shirtless pictures (the top half of the face cut off and it was grainy as heck) and then different clothed selfie picture with glasses on*
(Honestly I think the eyes and shirtless pictures are fake. The dudes skin tone looked way lighter than in the other two and the video)

Me: ok
(really not interested or impressed. Cause I don’t freakin care. I’m an 18 year old college student, so I’m in class too)

AL: Snd me a pic

Aug, 19 1:11 pm
Me: No
(I don’t send pictures to anyone. I hate it, I don’t like taking pictures of myself. So I post one picture on my profile, one where I think I look pretty nice)

AL: Lol😂😂😂😂 I Understand✔💯

(He Doesn’t try and keep the conversation going. A lot happened on PoF so I made my picture private, but before that, a little after his last text I decided to put a picture of me in an old red BMW convertible on my profile. I’ve long since taken that off. At this point, I’ve totally forgotten about this guy. So out of nowhere…)

Yesterday Sept, 24 11:25 pm
AL: Sup Ugly Azz Bitch!

(Obviously I wasn’t up. Also I’ve been sick so yeah, I’m resting like I should. Today Sept, 25. I got up and went to class and all that. That’s when I saw his text)

Today Sept, 25 7:35 am
Me: ?
(I was super confused by this. Like, he hasn’t texted at all until now, and the first thing he says after this long, is that??? Like…if you scroll up, one of his texts says “GM Sexy 🌹” sooo, what?)

Today Sept, 25 9:20 am
AL: .

Today Sept, 25 10:57 am
Me: O…k then…

Today Sept, 25 12:31 pm
AL: …..

Me: Why did you message me yesterday with, « Sup Ugly Azz Bitch! »

(So to save time and so I don’t have to keep typing AL and Me for every message, > is another message sent by AL. ~is another message sent by me)

Today Sept, 25 3:21 pm
AL: Cause u are a fat ugly bitch
>Now sty off my line bitch

(Now…you see, I don’t let these kind of things just slide. I don’t just sit there and take it. I used to, but I’ve found my voice recently to stand up to idiots like this guy. I use facts/common sense and think on my feet usually. Also, I don’t have homework, so why not get some entertainment out of this?)

Today Sept, 25 4:34 pm
Me: Ok? You don’t even know what I look like? And you texted me first soooo…ok
(Forgot that I met this guy when my picture wasn’t private. Also I didn’t send any, so yeah)
Me: Whatever floats your boat buddy

AL: Yea u a red mfka u fat ugly u was in a red BMW so STFU up
>I Kno exactly who u are & look like fat ugly bitch azz

(It was now that I realize how I know him and whatever, but I posted that picture and took it down a while ago…so why now?)

Me: Ok? I’m red?
~Well, honestly that’s your opinion
~ And…well
~The pictures you’ve sent are probably fake

AL: Thts alot of peoples opinion

Me: And the fact that you came back just to say that?

AL: I’m just saying the truth

Me: You must have nothing better to do with your life
~Um it’s an opinion
~Truths and opinion are different things

AL: Nope I sent an live video so no fake ovr here

Me: Right
(Definitely being sarcastic)

AL: Oky well thts wht I see is a fat red ugly bitch

Me: But like, how am I red?
~Am I like, a new version of a human that has red skin or something?
~Cause all that was red in the photo was the car
~Hmmm, you may be color blind. Might want to get that checked out.
~ Also, autocorrect and spelling are a thing.
~ Oh, also I don’t really give a damn what a no life like you has to say about my appearance. At least I’m not an older man insulting an 18 year old girls appearance because he has nothing else better to do.
~ Sooo, unless you have something important to tell me, stay off of my line

(Spoiler Alert, he doesn’t)

AL: I just said a few simple wrds (fat & ugly) now ur wrtiting me books 📚 so u hve nothing better to do cause ur fat & ugly
> Thts all i hve to say

(Then why are you still here????)

Me: Well I said important. That’s not really important

AL: But u keep txtn me. Whn I was nice to ur fat ugly azz u wasn’t txtn bk & u was rude now tht I’m mean u see how ur on my every word u fat ugly bitch 😂😂😂😂😂😂

(Cause…college and timing? Plus I wasn’t really even interested in his dumb ass anyway? Also he was the one to text first after how much time??? I sense bullshit. Also, dumb fucks like him be entertaining to a bored college student)

Me: Also I’m a college student that was just taking a break from homework. Don’t really see how being fat and ugly has anything to do with that
~ How was I rude?

AL: Ur Fat red & ugly fuck u blocked 🚫

(Goodness! Where did he get his education, cause that sentence is just atrocious to even look at)

Me: Lol ok well thanks for the entertainment sir

AL: Bloked 🚫

Me: Lmfao
~ Said blocked and didn’t block so you replied
~ Btw you didn’t try and keep the conversation up when I said I wouldn’t send a picture. Thirsty boi you are
(Sent that just in case he couldn’t actually figure out how to block. So…yeah!)

Thanks for reading my story of this encounter with a Thirsty Boi. Hope it was somewhat entertaining. I’ll update if Thirsty Boi comes back.

Have a great day everybody!

By. ArtemisPrime226

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