POF : This girl got shafted by pof

POF : This girl got shafted by pof

This girl got shafted by pof

By. Cilyjr

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  1. I heard that PoF will randomly turn this on some accounts that get lots of messages to force people to upgrade. If this is true, maybe this chick is not aware that limitation’s been put on her account.

  2. I use both the website and app version of POF. I’ve sent out messages to women before on the website, and they appeared to go through. Later, I’d go into my sent history on the app and try to click on the message and get that notification. I don’t think any of these women I’ve sent these messages to have ever replied though.

  3. Nope, that girl was not smart enough when setting up her profile to change the email settings as it is defaulted to « yes » when you create a profile.

    Consider it a bonus that POF has a system that self filters the stupid ones.

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