POF : This has got to be the most cringe-inducing profile

POF : This has got to be the most cringe-inducing profile


By. ouyin2000

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  1. This is actually highly emotive writing.

    This guy or girl has done a really good job on this profile. There’s a good balance of abstract concepts, metaphor, and straight talk.

    I feel like the person might be overreaching with the literary style, but there were so many good concepts that related to the experience of love and connection with other people.

    I studied creative writing and this person certainly did a good job. They could revise this and make it sound better: less flowery, less pedantic

    But overall they’ve made a very good prosaic style « about me ». I understand it’s not everybodies taste, but I actually felt it was pretty good for what it is. I can’t actually tell if it’s a man or a woman. But seemingly it would be more acceptable for a woman to write this, but all praise if it were a man also.

  2. Not that cringy, it contains a lot of legitimate gripes.


    None of what he/she wants comes close to happening from this stinking shitpile of a dating site, where women are in high demand and dozens of men vie for the attention on one.

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