POF : Those people who chat away with you and then just stop replying

POF : Those people who chat away with you and then just stop replying


By. Citko76

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  1. Usually in my opinion people chat away with others when the person they are really interested in isn’t really responding. The second the person they were originally talking to starts responding then they stop responding to you or someone else. They also do that when they message someone and get no response and then they get a response

  2. lol, they don’t owe you anything, just because someone replied to you, it’s not a contract, they don’t have to marry you.

    I do it all the time, maybe something came up, I’m busy, and if you haven’t messaged for a few days then at that stage, you’ve lost them.

    I think a lot of people on this sub come across as desperate, a lot of people on POF have busy lives, and are chatting to multiple people.

    No one owes you anything just cos you chatted a bit on a dating website.

  3. I assume you’re a man. The real problem is not that the women are cunts, it’s that other guys are dicks and have fucked it up for you. Basically, almost all women on pof get tons of messages, so if they stop responding to you, there are ten more behind you. They stop replying because things just dont work out: you don’t click, you are too far, you say something they dont like, etc. Once they get to where they dont wsnt to talk, they just ignore or block you because they have experienced guys in the past that wouldn’t just leave them alone, so it’s much less hassle to just ignore you

  4. Happened to me a few times. It seemed like they were just amusing themselves like a kitten with a ball of wool until something better came along. Or like they knew they weren’t really attracted to me in the first place but just didn’t want to be rude putting up the wall from the get-go. To be fair, I also did this to a girl recently, but it was because I finally found out where she lived (which part of the city, which is already 60 km away just to the city limits) and it was too far for me to be worth it. I just dropped out of the (occasional) texting back and forth, not like I owed her a « break-up » explanation.

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