POF : To the guys who get upset when they don’t get a response from a girl they message…..

POF : To the guys who get upset when they don’t get a response from a girl they message…..

I don’t normally respond to a message when I am not interested, but sometimes I respond. Well today I decided to respond and I got a message calling me a loser and the R word. So I know not all of you guys are like that but, please be kind of someone says they are not intersted

By. rsoxgal36

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  1. To those men that say they want a reply, every time I have replied to say I’m not interested I get some kind of angry response. Men seriously have no idea how to accept rejection like adults. I also feel no obligation to reply to a stranger who sends “hi” or a copy and paste message.

  2. I wish this problem was solvable, but sadly I think it probably isn’t. But getting pissed over no reply or polite « no thanks » is a huge red flag, so I choose to view it as them doing me a favor by confirming I was right to not be interested.

    I’ve seen one woman post that she always waits 24 hours before answering messages to make sure they don’t go ballistic. That’s a perfectly reasonable amount of time – people are busy and not on the app all day. If they get rude because she hasn’t replied in less than one day, she knows to stay away.

  3. oh wow… I don’t blame you one bit. Personally, I do appreciate a quick reply that says thanks for the message, not really interested/dating someone, good luck in your search… I always reply with a thanks for the kind words, best of luck. I wish we all could be so polite… but seeing it through your eyes makes me really understand why some women dont reply.

  4. My headline on POF is READ MY PROFILE! Yesterday I got a message from a guy wanting to hookup and he wasn’t looking for anything serious. It was clear he did not read my profile. He said what would it take to get a cute girl like you to talk to me and I went to look at his profile and he states he wants fun and nothing serious. So I responded by saying read my profile and I never got a response back.

  5. I always seem to attract girls who deliberately try to make me upset. I’m being serious a couple of them only matched with me to say that i’m ugly or other bad stuff and then unmatch before I could say anything in response. The sad part is those are the only matches that has a bit of « conversation » in it and I don’t consider my first messages too awful. Why should I be kind to someone who does this kind of stuff. Puts me kinda down and it’s hard for me to forget when this stuff happens.

  6. Personally if you are only matching with someone just to be able to send them a message cutting them down and being mean, then you are a bully. Not you but the women who said that stuff to you

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