POF : To women on POF, what do you do when you are online?

POF : To women on POF, what do you do when you are online?

When you are online, what are you doing? Are you reading the flood of messages coming in? Or are you replying to a bunch of messages? Or are you browsing profiles that peeked your interest anonymously or non-anonymously? Or are you just being online because it provides you with an ego boost to receive so much attention? Just curious about what is happening behind the scene when we see all these female profiles online. From my experience, bots feel more alive than real ladies on there.

Also, what comes to your mind if a guy keeps viewing your profile but never sends you a message?

By. SeparateGain

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  1. I was usually wading through the sea of ‘hi’ messages and looking at their also empty profiles and rolling my eyes.
    If your profile is empty your message really shouldn’t be!
    Tell me what we have in common at least ffs.

    But yeah that was the usual drill. Very occasionally finding someone to reply to. And occasionally replying with sass to the rude ones.

    Edit: and I don’t look at who views me. I browse incognito myself and I don’t place much importance on them looking at me.

  2. I read the messages that intetest me. A « hey » doesn’t get my attention. I talk to about 10-25% of the messagers. I check pics and account bios before messaging, unless I really like the message. I met my bf on POF 2 years ago, so it can work. But you just sound salty. And why do I have a POF if I have a bf? Becuz we are in an open relationship and I find fwbs there. Don’t let rejection change you for the worse. It only ruins future opportunities. Good luck to all!! StagnVix

  3. I usually spend the whole time revising the profile (pics, wit, hobbies) so I can lure compatible guys. This generally takes hours only to be met with more incompatibility and hoodrats messaging you to « suk mah dack ». POF sucks.

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