POF : Total waste of time & effort for the average guy

POF : Total waste of time & effort for the average guy

200 profiles interacted with, only managed 2 got email or phone contact details, 80% will ghost you after exchanging 2 messages, 1 in 20 are polite to say you not really what Im looking for good luck fishing ect.
There is a general rule 4 to 1 men to women on dating sites and women in general follow 80/20 rule ie 80% of women only find 20% of men average or better, using basic math’s average guy has 1% chance of getting a date.

By. phoneticau

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  1. Yes I know it’s crap but you need a more positive attitude, dump the excuses (80/20 rule etc) and just accept 80% of women are either not interested or not active. Don’t dwell on the knock-backs, ghosting or no-shows, move forward. It’s not easy but if you focus on moving forward and less on taking failiure personally it’ll be much easier to keep on.

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