POF : Two women I’ve been talking to have simply vanished into thin air.

POF : Two women I’ve been talking to have simply vanished into thin air.

Anyone else have this problem? (And no, I haven’t killed them and buried the bodies.)

I’ve recently been exchanging messages with a couple of legitimate-looking women in my local area. Once the converstation progresses slightly, and a few messages have been sent on both sides, they have both disappeared.


There’s no trace of them in my « Sent Messages » folder, they haven’t now « Viewed Me », and email notifications of my messages link me straight back to the homepage.


After the first time I thought it was just bad luck, but now it’s happened again I’m beginning to question whether there’s an actual issue with the app or not, or am I being blocked by POF in communicating to force me to upgrade?

Anyone else suffered this problem?

By. VaguelyBeefy

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  1. They most likely blocked you. Whenever someone blocks you any messages you have had with them in the past disappear. As for no longer seeing them in your viewed me that means they probably hid their profile.



  2. There was the recent issues with the Pof website too, it logged a lot of us out, I’ve had it happen in the past to me and what with trying to find an “available username” they’re hard to remember, the app is janky for logging in at the best of times, always wants your user name over your email, I think maybe a lot of people just think “fuck it” can’t be arsed kind of thing after it’s logged them out, that my experience anyway aswell as a few other people I’ve spoken to on there. It’s a possibility anyway, especially if they had never used it previously

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