POF : User has chosen to only accept messages from certain users

POF : User has chosen to only accept messages from certain users

I’ve been seeing this pop up more and more on profiles I’m interested in when attempting to send a message. Only to see a few days later it magically goes away and thus now have the ability to send a message. Anyone else experience this? Curious if it’s a shady marketing tactic by POF to sell more upgraded memberships, or are users actually going to these lengths to constantly toggle back and forth between that setting?

By. ttchamps0203

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  1. Its a bit of both. If helps users filter out people but you gotta pay for it. It sucks be ause you can still see them even though your unable to contact them. Like those users should appear in a different search section or something

  2. If you are using the app, try messaging the same user from the website with a web browser on your phone or computer. Most times this will allow you to message the person without being an upgraded member. It is absolutely a shady tactic by POF to make people spend money on their shitty dating app.

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