POF : (Venting) Are half of POF population bots?

POF : (Venting) Are half of POF population bots?

Hey, I’m new to this whole dating app thing so maybe my newbie is showing

I’ve got more likes and messages on POF than any other app so far in the four days I’ve had it, which I think is cool.

The downside, every account that has message me first or liked me back (Except for one) is a bot that links me out to either snap chat to sell nudes or set up a date to go M&F. This is getting rather discouraging.

Is this the norm? Like is there a way to just change something on my end to keep them out? I’ve been trying to avoid them and swipe left on them but there is still a whole plethora of them.

By. IFeelEmptyInsideMe

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  1. In my area 20 of the new users that have been on during this month. (3 of which are duplicate profiles.) Everyone else has been gone since September all the way back to March. I’m not sure what site to move on to now.

  2. Unfortunately it’s very normal. I didn’t know about the change in ownership to POF. The new people (Match Group I think) do not seem to care about their site at all, and only keep it up for us suckers who get Premium. I’m definitely going to be permanently deactivating my account. Sad. It’s always had issues, but I remember a time when I actually met up with people from POF and had some fun times :/

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