POF : Was I right to be cautious?

POF : Was I right to be cautious?

I will post some screen shots of a conversation I had recently. The girl basically said she wanted to f*** me and sent me nudes. She wasn’t a bot either. I think she was a tease who wanted me to tell her the same but I didn’t because I was it’s rare to get a random girl online being that full on so quickly.

By. Yardeysupreme

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  1. definitely right to be cautious. There are pic farmers that get people to send nudes. I’ve heard they use them on sites but not sure how true that is. There’s all the other logical concerns, as well… #1 if she’s for real, how many std’s does she have? that’s just for starters.

  2. Actually I have seen it brought up on here before that a scam on POF is going around where nude photos are sent and then you get a text saying that it is the girls father and he is going to press charges and get money out of you. Something along those lines I have seen on here a few times lately. I don’t send anything like that nor would I ever do that

  3. Either a scam to extort money once you send nudes, a crazy person, a troll or a honeytrap where you’ll be invited to a house to be set upon and robbed.

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