POF : What are you supposed to message those who don’t have anything much on their profile?

POF : What are you supposed to message those who don’t have anything much on their profile?

I’ve noticed that a lot of women don’t have much on their profile.

I’ve been asking them:

« What are your hobbies?

What do you like to cook/bake?

What TV shows, films, music, and books do you like? »

I’m not too sure what else to message them.

I’m also not too sure what I should be messaging women as I’ve seen that POF blocks copy and paste messages.

My message also has « I’m messaging you in the hopes to be friends or more! » I then ask questions based on their profiles/hobbies.

By. AvatarMew

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  1. Nothing. They are usually fake profiles anyway, or ladies just there for a hook up. If they can’t invest the time to put a little effort into some topics to talk about, why should I think they’d put any more effort into a relationship?

  2. I made sure my profile was full of stuff about myself and I actually had my tag line say please read my profile. I could always tell when a guy did not read my profile because whenever they would send me a message it would have nothing mentioned about anything in my profile. I had one guy if he could read my profile (he said he was looking for a fun FWB and I wasn’t looking for that) he told me nope and I don’t want to

  3. Nothing, reply in response to something you’ve observed in a photo or work your best line on them and move on.

    Average women don’t want an average man. Sorry but welcome to internet dating. It fucking sucks.

    I once read somewhere that the bottom 80% of men are chasing the bottom 20% of women and the rest of the 80% of women are chasing the top 20% of men. I don’t know how true this holds but it certainly feels like it’s the case.

    You could be an average looking, professional young adult with a good set of hobbies, interests and have a stable life. You could LITERALLY have stability, security and happiness to offer a woman and nobody will give you the time of day because your picture game sucks, or because your profile seems bland, or because whatever it is, you’re too « normal ».

    I’ve been on POF for 3 months and about 99.8% of my messages have been ignored. I’ve tried messaging in response to something written on their profile, I’ve tried to take a genuine interest in the person, I’ve tried the cheesiest of chessy pick up lines, I’ve used my absolute best material and I get ghosted, all day every day. I’ve had 2 people respond to me in the last 2 months with a « haha » before ghosting me.

    Do your self a favour and stick to dating in the real world unless you’re going to be totally extra for the online dating world.

  4. Whatever you want. Be creative and ask hypothetical situational questions. Or ask what their purpose is what inspires them, or simply how their day or week is going. You’re actually more limited in terms of what to message on profiles with things in it.

  5. I ask a woman out after my 2nd to 3rd interaction, if they start circling around meeting, I’m out, it’s my filter. I hate the small talk, politely I get to what I really want, if it’s mutual, keep going. Last weekend I got laid and we only had one drink, we both wanted that, and it was cool. Tomorrow I’m meeting this wonderful, beautiful 50 year old woman and will probably see her on going. I’m not bragging, Im just telling ya how I do it, and it took me a long time to figure it out too

  6. Sometimes when they don’t type much or anything, they’re actually weeding out the ones who like to ask about hobbies and their perfect partner because they don’t like talking about basic bullshit

  7. There are articles that actually tell women not to make their profile VERY short because men won’t read anything longer than a short paragraph. Whether this is true or not, I have no idea. I am just saying there are articles out there and some women may be following them

  8. “Wanna ride my face” I love it because it’s not an insta block but a totally rude icebreaker. It’s worked for me. Just be brash and a bit disrespectful

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