POF : What does read deleted mean?

POF : What does read deleted mean?

A couple of guys will have that on a message, or two during our thread.. What does it mean?! Are they hiding something? Lol it just confuses me because I don’t understand the meaning or purpose behind it! Gimme insight

By. Sosogreeen

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  1. It just means they read the message and deleted it. POF states that some people just get to many messages and don’t always have the time to respond. To be honest though I never paid for POF. I remember when it was totally free. I use the free

  2. I havn’t upgraded and I can see message status. Unread/Deleted are the hardest ones to deal with but like others have said, they may just not be interested.

  3. It simply means the read it and deleted it. Sometimes you’ll see deleted unread or maybe it is unread deleted.

    You can presume if you see unread deleted that they were simply not interested in you.

    Read Deleted probably means the same thing if you have never conversed with them before. If you are in mid conversation, it just means they didn’t think they needed to save it. Probably.

  4. Honestly, I don’t think PoF should include the ‘Deleted’ bit. Completely unnecessary information. If they read but don’t reply, you can assume they’re not interested – the ‘deleted’ part just pours salt in the wound.

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