POF : What happened to dating apps?

POF : What happened to dating apps?

I noticed that in recent times pof, okcupid, and everyone else have hopped on the copy tinder bandwagon. Thing is, is I thought tinder was worse than those sites from the start because a lot of the females on Tinder never respond, and it takes away any chance of partners gaining interest at all because they can’t even send 1 message or talk to each other. Some other low popularity dating sites are even worse where you have to pay to message at all. Okcupid used to be the best back in the day you would actually read the questions, now there worthless cause your more focused on just trying to get a response more than anything. Also, with Pof and Okcupid have any of you noticed that the number of female members has gone down from 5 years ago due to the changes as well. It’s even worse since I’m a smallish sized town where their may only be 2 r 3 people maybe online at a time if that, and all the other profiles listed seem like they’re abandoned. Lastly, the message restriction down to 25 messages is just rediculous, and pof and okcupid have implemented these features. Dating is feeling really dystopic and I don’t know what to do. Are there any other good sites out there? Anybody have any advice on how to meet someone, should I move to a bigger city. I’m currently in Augusta idk what else to do?

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  1. I (f)elt recently overwhelmed by the male/female ratio… Basically 3:1 at least. Also the pandemic doesn’t help. Most are staying off line and waiting it out. But I do agree the layouts are trash. If i wanted to join tinder for random penis, I would’ve had an account on there. Instant gratification took over and relationships lately are rare.

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