POF : What happened

POF : What happened

The site literally promotes porn bots at this point. I always remembered pof being one of the more strict sites on bots it has changed.

Is tinder and bumble just the way it is now?

I get at least a number a day from it but majority are lower standards.

By. Justthetruf

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  1. What happened was Markus sold to match I believe in 2015. Ever since he sold the match the site has gone down hill. It used to be a great site and I met some great guys on it but now its crappy so I deleted it

  2. I notice that late at night and early in the morning, all the bots are being loaded. « 45 year old female woman, looks 17, boobs hanging out, works as a waiter. Conversation starter: lokking for a man to lokking for a man to lokking for a man to lokking for a man to lokking for a man to. »

    Right. I totes believe it. Let me super like that.

  3. I’m not sure they are bots, but, people setting up sock accounts with Instagram model pics to promote something, so, same difference.

    I’ve also noticed a greater influx of people who are rather quick to want meetups who make me suspicious.

    I get the ones that are 18-25 years old and have only lingerie pics who are PMing to push market fake hook up sites or are just actual prostitutes. Its also funny that they’ve gotten hip to the system, and have started to describe themselves as 40 year old pharmacists who are looking to marry and such.

    I’ve started to notice something new though…… maybe… and, this is the frustrating bit….. when they are suspicious but not as obviously.

    I get a message from a recent « meet me yes » (swipe right) that is to the extent of  » my number is XXXXXXXXXX, text me if you want to meet up. I’m leaving on a trip tomorrow to SFO. »

    Thing is, the profile pic wasn’t salacious (not even cleavage), and, the age and description matched the person pictured. Also the « about me » was fully filled out with a description that seemed authentic, so; why am i suspicious?

    Getting a number on the first PM is a rarity and it feels a little fast, but, not in itself enough to call scam on, however a couple of more things seemed off.

    – the woman seemed a bit out of my league, but, not ridiculously so. I have a good and realistic gauge of what my « league » is, and, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for me to woo her over with luck charm and effort, but very highly unlikely she would just throw herself at me. This is minor and maybe i was underselling myself, but, there is more.

    – Notice the addition of urgency. « I’m leaving tomorrow » When there is generated urgency its a red flag. A lot of cons have time limits built in so the mark has limited time to think about it.

    I’m suspicious that this person has some plan that involves utilizing a phone number. Perhaps its to crack my emails or just to sell to telemarketing. Whatever it is, it involves urgency to get my number on her phone or else i « missed out »

    Maybe i will get a hot date, but awake in an ice tub with a kidney missing.

    I reply  » I am interested in chatting and seeing where it goes, but, this seems a little fast and short notice. You can message me after your trip and we can see where it goes. »

    Good, right? I’m being a « gentleman » , i’m leaving options open in case its not a con while leaving room in the situation to leave myself protected, but, After my reply, her account disappeared like a fart in the wind. I’m not sure what the POF system is, maybe i was blocked because that is what she does to tick no goes off her list, but, i think the account was deleted.

    If the site wasn’t so corrupted with spammers and scammers, i would have wrote this person off as taking chances on being spontaneous and adventurous , and, at the **absolute** worst a sex addict hoping for an easy fix, but, as it is now i was prompted into a posture of instant caution and skepticism.

    I have another POF horror story from farther back, but, i’m TLDR already.



  4. Bumble doesn’t have the bots, but I’m convinced it has about 95% of fake profiles. All of the people are gorgeous. I know that there aren’t that many gorgeous people in my area.

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