POF : what if pof is holding us back

POF : what if pof is holding us back

so ive always had dating accounts and i have rarely seen much success from these and when i do it seems i drop my standards ! Now what if i told you that dating sites do more bad than good for instance you struggle to find girls who are attractive and into you online yet everyday we run into beautiful girls yet sometimes we just play it safe never to speak to em than to go home to be sad and lonely hunting dating sites for the bottom feeders! What if by choosing online dating were actually missing a opportunity to tune ourselves into being better at real life encounters ! For instance a while back i met a girl from sheetz we hit it off and week later took a nice outdoor walk than smashed in the woods! this rarely happens when you meet girls online it seems like girls online are less likely to meet up compared to a girl who has already had a personal encounter with you at a grocery store or whereever you met her!! Honestly as a guy i think we should stop avoiding approaching women in real life and stop spending so much time doing online dating this is just my thoughts !!

By. Nezzyknowzzz666

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  1. I feel nervous to approach women where I work I already asked one if she was seeing someone and she said yes. It was very akward after I asked her that. I know there are others here single unfortunately I’m 32 and they are in there early 20’s and I’m out of there league. I fear rejection asking any of them I tried to add some of them on Facebook to have them delete my request.

  2. Online works really good if you just wanna smash and go. You are not going to find relationships online. At least not quality. The older you get the worse it is.

  3. Personally I have been off and on POF since 09 and I actually had more decent guys and relationships than with any other site. My first relationship off there lasted almost 2yrs but the distance killed us in the end.

    I have heard the saying that people who pay for dating sites are more serious than the one’s who don’t and I honestly find that to be total bs. I know people who got married and are still married or are engaged to people they met off POF. I had nothing but horror shows on MATCH and EHarmony. Would never pay for them. I would maybe try a free weekend but that is about it.

  4. Women who are scared to meet up online have already met and smashed in the woods then the guy ghosted them.

    I would say half the women I have ever talked to online have had a guy over or went to a guy’s place for sex for the first meet.

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