POF : What is the point of adding someone as a favorite or swiping right to meet me if you are not gonna message?

POF : What is the point of adding someone as a favorite or swiping right to meet me if you are not gonna message?

So I have been on and off POF since 2009. I had a long term off it and it was great just didn’t work out. Had a few short terms. It has changed a lot over the years.

My point is the one thing that bothers me is guys who add me as a favorite or say they want to meet me but yet never send me a message. Please don’t say oh you should send them a message because I have before and I got no response. I also don’t like the guys who don’t read my profile and try to say hey lets hang out and hook up, or they will message and when I look at their profile it says not looking for anything no commitment. One guy said he didn’t even wanna read my profile, so I said ok no thanks. I have it set so that they have to have a photo in order to message me.

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  1. I’ve been on POF on and off since 2009 when I send 20 messages a day the women view my profile and of that 20 I’m lucky if 3 message me back then they don’t hold conversations and disappear or block me for no reason

  2. I use it as a bookmark. My bookmarks in Chrome are horrendous.

    I fully intend on going back to strike up a conversation when I’m less busy or not out, but… good intentions and all that.

    There are other times where I legitimately enjoy the person’s picture and profile, but I don’t think we’d be a good match because reasons.


  3. Guy here.

    I can’t really talk about the « favourite » button as I don’t ever use it. I used to use the meet me button too, but stopped because, 1. I never got many matches, and 2. I hated the fact that I was essentially window shopping, like I was buying a car or something. If I was to meet a girl, I like to think I’d have a higher opinion of her than a car!

    Anyway, to answer your question, I’ve had someone say to me before that if you throw enough paint at a wall, some of it is bound to stick, so maybe this is a symptom of what you are experiencing now. It isn’t a very nice feeling.

    These days, I do have a profile, but I’m kinda picky about who I message. I don’t use the meet me thing and I’ll always read the persons profile before messaging. I still don’t get that many responses, but at the very least I feel some way decent about how I use it.

  4. I’ve had a ton of women use the MEET ME and FAV feature on me….I messaged most of them, and just about every one of them denied ever doing it.

    I understand some of them may have lied, and did actually swipe on me, but I truly believe that POF is fraudulently programming this into the software to trick us into thinking people are interested, thus making us think the site actually works better than it does.

    I’ve also noticed a huge influx of fake profiles recently advertising porn sites. I’ve never seen it this bad. Almost 1 our of 10 profiles is a fake porn advertisement. Anyone else seeing this?

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