POF : What is wrong with women or are they bots?

POF : What is wrong with women or are they bots?

Every couple of days I get a like but no message from a woman. Its free to send a message so why not just send a message?

Or are these all bots designed to get me to pay?

By. Timmy721123

What do you think?


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  1. Usually the ones liking you aren’t bots but ironically most of the ones who message first are.

    If you get a like just go look at their profile and if you like them too send a message. Guys almost always make the first move in dating. Online is the same

  2. Straight female here. I get that a lot, too. For about every 10 likes, I might get one message. I’ve heard that some people swipe right on every profile. Smh. You can see who likes you, but you can’t view their profile directly, unless you pay. If they are not browsing invisibility, then you can view their profile if they view yours and they are in the last three people who viewed you.

  3. The most annoying ones are the ones that look at your profile, like your profile, and then when you send a message, they look at your profile again, then don’t reply, and then a day later, look at your profile again.

  4. They’re shy, it’s their way of saying they like you, and basically and invite to check them out and message them if you’re interested with leas rejection feelings if they never hear from you

  5. Maybe they’re just bookmarking. Sometimes you « like » a man or woman to keep tabs on them while you go through all the options. That way you can compile and compare them later

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