POF : What’s your Red Flag?

POF : What’s your Red Flag?

OK, so we all know what Red Flags are when it comes to profiles. Some are more common than others. But what’s an obscure Red Flag, that if you read or see on a profile that makes it an instant « No »

For me, its the « I’m a social butterfly ». If you’re such a social butterfly, why do you find it so difficult to meet and date someone? Do they go from one person to the next? Do they lose interest easily, or go from shiny new object, to the next shiny new object?

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  1. Some personal red flags I discovered when I was on dating apps:

    – Every picture is from the same angle. Every picture is heavily filtered/old/pixelated. No body pics. No pics showing teeth.

    – « If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best. » Translation: I’m a hot fucking mess.

    – « Looking for a REAL man. » « Where are all the REAL men at?! » Translation: I’m attracted to dangerous situations and I want someone who’s willing to pamper me.

    – Any profile with a checklist. « MUST be over 6 feet tall, » etc. You will never be able to satisfy this person.

    – Pictures of her with another guy. « Me and the bestiieee!! » 100% of the time that dude is going to be trouble.

    – « My son/daughter is my world and they will ALWAYS come first! » Extra points if every single picture of them is with their kid. This person’s entire life revolves around their kid and any relationship will always come in a distant second.

    – Making politics a focal point of their profile. Blonde haired girl with MAGA hat and pictures at the gun range holding a bible in front of the American flag? Hard pass. This person is almost always a self-centered, racist asshole with no ability to empathize, who loves trying to offend people. White girl with a dyed pixie cut and bold glasses with pictures at a BLM or gender political protest? Also hard pass. These people usually spend all their time looking for something to be offended about. Anyone trying to lecture others about politics in their profile? Hard. Fucking. Pass.

    – Making religion a focal point of their profile. At best completely incompatible with me and at worst a total mental case.

    – Making drugs a focal point of their profile. Hard drugs are an immediate hard pass for most people. I have no problem with people who occasionally smoke weed but daily smokers have a tendency to lack serious motivation or direction in their lives.

    – Anyone with « pansexual, » « demisexual, » « sapiosexual, » etc. in their profiles. These people tend to be insufferable.

    – People with nothing or almost nothing in their profile. People who put « ask me » in their about me or interests sections, etc. These people usually aren’t serious about dating and are either just passing time or looking for a confidence boost. Usually the same people who open a conversation with « hey, » have no ability to help carry a conversation, and/or reply extremely slowly. Forget about ever meeting them in person. Not gonna happen.

  2. If her religion is listed as « Christian – other » there’s a pretty good chance she’s either got a weird set of rules, or she’s a bot.

  3. Some might be more obscure than others, but these are some of mine:

    -When most of the woman’s photos feature her drinking alcohol and she mentions drinking in her profile.

    -When she mentions how much she loves Jesus and there’s a photo of her in church.

    -When there’s a photo of her at a gun range and she talks about loving guns.

    -When she talks about loving « our President » and has a MAGA or QAnon reference in her profile.

  4. When he says he has broken English in message responses… Also, overly exaggerated compliments right off the bat- « You are so gorgeous! ❤ »
    I’m not hideous, but, c’mon, I’m realistic, I’m not gorgeous! Just be nice and reasonable, not over-the-top— it just screams ***’NIGERIAN SCAMMER!!!’***

  5. ‘It’s my time’ … I read that as ‘the next person I meet has to make up for my shit life so far

    Photos of her kids in just about every pic

    Only pictures of her face and pictures that are clearly 20 years old

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