POF : What’s Your Successful Approach For Hookups/FWB on POF?

POF : What’s Your Successful Approach For Hookups/FWB on POF?

Like the title suggest, what’s your best approach for fwb/hookups?

Please comment only if you’ve had success.

1) Be straight up honest with your intention on POF then move on if she’s not looking for fwb/hookup

2) Pretend you’re looking for a relationship, spend a date or two, and try to get laid then bounce if u don’t

3) Is there a 3? Lol

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  1. Just act like you don’t just want to sleep with them. Most women on there are so welcomed by someone merely talking to them normally, that they give in quickly. Remember: women want to get fucked just like men do, but they have a social and internal obligation to make it not seem like it’s easy to do. It’s all perception.

  2. honesty is best policy. Just text her:

    « I gotta be honest, I’m just looking for a hookup, if you’re down, cool, if not, take care. »

  3. As a woman. Just be honest about what you want, and looking for. You may be surprised at a woman’s response. There’s a way to be crass and a way to be decent about it.

  4. Get a six pack and become buff. Watch the profile activity skyrocket. I’m talking from experience, the ‘fill out your hobbies, smile in photos’ etiquette did basically nothing for me. Until I uploaded pictures of myself shirtless, then even ‘respectable’ women were coming to me. E.g. a doctor from 200 miles away. I’m talking about women in their 30’s still acting like teenaged girls turned on by buff boyband members. Women are vain and don’t grow out of it.

  5. Be prepared to make a lot of accounts, you will get blocked a lot doing this and getting blocked more than about ten times is an instant ban (the designer of the website is an incompetent piece of shit)


    Learn to change your i.p address, and use throwaway email addresses when making new accounts.

  6. Actually the opposite of what other men do, just talking, nothing sexual, flirty is okay, a lot have gotten confused thinking I don’t find them attractive and eventually confess their bedroom desires with us in it.

    Mention that she is a spoiled brat or troublemaker, if they are cold about it you’re more than likely not dealing with someone that is flirty, move on.

    A lot I’ve been told it has to do with my voice, lots of confessions of self pleasure while talking to them, this comes up later when we’re intimate. I’ve caught some over the phone. As one told me, that damn George Clooney voice of yours made me do dirty things.

    Ladies that work in education, spelling and grammar pay a huge part with them. One I never got to meet confessed that hearing my voice and text messages with correct spelling made her do naughty things before going to sleep.

    Professional women like to hear and feel that you’re in charge, they’re bossy all day and want to let go after work. Had several confess by day 6 that they want someone else in control. I’d call them total brats/troublemakers, they’d just deny it but liked hearing it.

    Mom’s are really tough, I’m not talking parents that have kids, I’m talking kids are their life, every sport event, school activities, can’t have a conversation with out mentioning them, best friends with their kids even when they’re grown and on their own. One way to tell is their sleep wear, fully clothed because something might happen or their kids sneak into their bedroom, total mom versus wants to wear my button shirt and nothing else.

    As you get older and you’re with POF they’ll still be there years from now, sometimes you can be blunt other times you can’t, depends on the repartee you have going between the two of you, women want sex just as much if not more than men, a lot just don’t want you to be a disgusting pig about it.

  7. You need to realize, women want to get laid just as much as men. I have no idea why society has brainwashed us to believing it is just men after sex. Not the case at all. We are all mammals and have those needs and urges.

    I have had sex or fooled around with quite a few women. Not an insane amount but definitely more than just a few. It is not that difficult. But I am past that stage. I am about to be 34 and looking for something long term. Sex is easy to get and gets old after awhile if that is all that is there.

  8. When I had my great run of casual sex on POF back in 2010-2012 (ok so I was younger, but site was lot better mainly) I used to have a standard copy/paste message that said I didn’t want anything serious but would love to fuck you. And that was basically it. Sent it to loads, and all the new ones. You have to have a thick skin for some of the replies you get but I just blocked any abusive replies anyway, it never bothered me. And I got plenty of positive replies, even if they didn’t fuck me a lot appreciated the honesty and bluntness of it. I fucked lots. And it didn’t matter if they were looking for serious relationship on the profile, probably met more of them. They saw it as an easy diversion with no stress or pressure on it.

    Sadly now the site is full of big egos, fakes and scammers. Also, girls attention spans are shorter due to browsing on a smartphone app anywhere anytime rather than at a laptop as it mainly was back then.

    Ah, the good old days! Still, that period was largely responsible for helping me reach my jokey 100 target for fucks with different women made when I was much younger.

    The site is a slime pit now compared to those days.

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