POF : Where have all the cute girls gone?

POF : Where have all the cute girls gone?

So does anyone remember that Paula Cole song from the 90’s: « Where have all the Cowboys gone? »

Well, after reactivating my POF account recently and viewing the women that are out there and furthermore, the ones that are CONTACTING ME FIRST, I am singing a parody to the aforementioned song that goes: « Where have all the cute girls gone? » Yeah, let that rattle around your brain for a moment. Admit it, it works…

Now I will be honest, I am no Channing Tatum or Mark Wahlberg, not even close, but I am no dog either. I know that I have a little bit extra to love around my midsection and I am trying to improve myself. It’s a long, slow road ahead, but, still trying.

Anyway, the women that are on this site… I just don’t know. Could it be that at the ripe old age of 30 I have missed my chance at a desirable woman in Central Florida? I am not shallow in that I base everything on looks, because as we all know looks fade over time, but I strongly believe that as a man, we require a certain amount of physical attraction to be present. After all, men were designed to be very visual creatures.

At this point, I am getting a mix of women that I either slightly cringe at their photos because it looks like they are not even trying, or, they are « BBW » which has been made into some sort of celebrated good thing which it should not and is not. The obesity epidemic in North America is nothing to celebrate people! Burn down the McDonald’s and the like…but I digress, that is another rant for another time. These « BBW » girls have a profound confidence that just boggles the mind. Trust me ladies, less is more…

Allow me to break it down further: guys appreciate a woman who TRIES. We know that Victoria Secret models make up for .001% of women. We get it! But, you have to at least try. Not just to attract a man, but for your own health and well being. In fact, do it solely with the intent of bettering your health and everything else, including meeting desirable men, will follow.

I don’t know, maybe I am wrong. Is there anyone else out there than can identify here? Curious for other’s input.


By. jbutler1983

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  1. I agree. I just reactivated by OKCupid account and Christ, 75% of the women are obese. I couldn’t understand it. I filtered for women age 22-32, so it’s not like they should be that bad. But we’re talking at least 50% of them had Arnold size arms, and it’s not muscle. The o

    I remember when I tried dating sites about 10 years ago. There were many slimmer girls. I think dating sites are not working (too many men spamming due to bad men:women ratio), so only the really desperate women are still using them and it’s skewing further and further into the unattractive side. This is just a generalization, I’m sure there are a few gorgeous women still on there.

    Maybe paid dating sites are better? Or maybe we need to try real life.

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