POF : Who reads profiles anyway?

POF : Who reads profiles anyway?

Who reads profiles anyway?

By. smzlfighter

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  1. people consider you high maintenance or jumping through hoops, i see it as a way to weed out people who are merely going off pictures. Not only does it weed out guys who have no genuine interest but it also weeds out the sex bots.

    it’s a wonder why some people still can’t figure out why they aren’t having success on these online apps if they think a woman is a pos for wanting to make sure she isn’t wasting her time.

    i personally see this as a woman who has genuine interest in making a real connection. Who would rather hear something of substance over the 100 « sup » or favorites that fill her inbox.

    it would be different if you made a list of ultimatums guys had to meet before they messaged you, like gotta be a certain race, certain height, income, home/car ownership blah blah blah, but literally all you requested was that someone prove they showed genuine interest…. lololol

  2. You know it’s a free site right?…Well, it’s free to sign up at least. Just as OP has the freedom to write a detailed profile (as much or little as she wants, it’s up to her) you have the freedom to send a message, or read someone’s bio…or not. It isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get a reply or that they’ll even read your message. And that sucks, but we’ll never know what truly goes on in that other person’s head or why they don’t reply. Honestly it’s just stressful trying to figure out why, just move on.

    But that does not mean that you are owed someone’s time and/or attention. So if all a person is doing is expecting you to read their profile to make sure you’re both compatible or that you see the person as interesting and think it might lead somewhere, how the hell is that ‘high maintenance’ and ‘making you jump through hoops’. The lengths that some people will go to not make any effort at all to get to know the person you like the look of is honestly not surprising. And it shows.
    I know dating sites are seen as a buffet for hookups but some people actually want more than that, so if you want the same then you’re going about it the wrong way. Or just be honest and that IS what you want, there are plenty of people out there who want that too.

    Also YOU clicked on THEIR profile.

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