POF : Why are my searches being limited?

POF : Why are my searches being limited?

Im 26 and my searches are automatically being set to age 20-29. If I try to extend that range it lets me, but still doesn’t give me any results beyond 20-29.


I made another account to test this, and my search age range isn’t restricted at all. What gives?


Also, why are some people showing up in searches on my new account that aren’t showing up on my old account? All my search settings are the same (besides the age range that’s messed up).


I live in a very rural area, so if my searches are limited or if potential matches aren’t showing up in searches then i’m really screwed. There’s literally only about 10 active women showing up in a 50 mile radius, and that includes the ugly women & single moms.

By. datraitor

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  1. I found that you have to set parameters twice. Once when you’re creating your profile, and the 2nd time on your main page, where it lists matches. This is on the app. Even setting parameters, I was getting women from all over Southern California.

    I deleted the app and hid my profile, so I can’t tell you exactly where to set your parameters.

  2. POF is shite, mystery solved.

    I’ve had lots of issues with it like not being able to upload/delete photo’s, having the  »new message’ notification stuck on all messages for weeks at a time, messages not sending or taking hours to be delivered and one or two more I can’t remember.

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