POF : Why are there no conversational women on POF?

POF : Why are there no conversational women on POF?

36M here.

I send out nice messages, usually referencing something in their profile or simply asking how their day has been.

Vast majority of the time there’s no reply, on the occasion there is they usually drop off a few replies later.

This seems to be worse on POF than on other sites.

It’s kinda bizarre given that so many women on the site are « looking for someone to chat to and then see what happens ».

Even with the ones that do reply, every single one seems to be in a bad mood, depressed, or really aloof.

Maybe I should start being sleazy from the first message, or just send a dick pic?

Admittedly I haven’t tried these approaches.

Anyone have any thoughts?

By. Nicksonman

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  1. That’s if you don’t get a virus link after the « hey there 😉 »
    POF is garbage. I gave up a year ago and had much better success on OKC

  2. I have come to the conclusion that at least 80% of the women on pof are not actually serious about dating anyone. Same with OKCupid and most other dating sites.

    (I’m talking about the real women, not the spam bots obviously)

    I get replies (my pics look really good so I guess that’s why)

    Unfortunately, even if you get replies(like I do), you will find that most of the women seem to just want to chat online or through text, then when you really start to get interested & try make something happen, they flake or drop contact with you. Even after they’ve been flirting with you. It’s like they just want a temporary boost to their self esteem but not an actual relationship, or even a date.

    If you are lucky enough to get a date in person (which is extremely rare), its usually the ones that look nothing like their pictures.

    This has been my experience thus far.

  3. First of all remember that POF is the bottom of the online dating barrel, then temper your expectations accordingly. Women get bombarded with messages, which means they get bombarded (minus a few good ones) with lots of bad messages. Funny or creative is very good, which if you’re able to combine w/ an element of their profile AND make them smile/laugh–you’re off to a good start. But whatever you do, for the love of sardines don’t ask them how their day is going and expect a response. That’s on par w/ hey there, you’re hot, or how are you + I am fine.

  4. They only care about looks. I’ve answered a ton of « let’s chat » or « here to make friends ». Nope, every single one is really saying « Are you hot or not? » If you’re hot you can say anything

  5. I tried sleazy pornographic messages after having sent over 1,000 professional messages that were more than just hi, what’s up. I got more responses from saying sleazy stuff than I ever did professionally. But it usually was just the girl telling me that I am disgusting and should die.

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