POF : Why are there so many low class people here?

POF : Why are there so many low class people here?

I’m not judging but I guess I am. When you’re on Match, there is a higher class of women. POF has so many woman who have multiple tats or just High School as their highest level completed. I’m sorry but if all you can offer me is a HS degree or you’re in some shitty job, all we can do is fuck. I can’t do long term with someone who doesn’t have at least a 4 year degree. I’ll fuck you yes, but won’t date you long term. I need someone on my level at least.

By. columbusfun

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  1. So what I’m getting from this is that you don’t like tattoos and want someone with a higher education than high school. That’s fine, you do you. It doesn’t make them low class *universally*, it makes them low class *to you*. Which is your right to have, because you’re searching for your own happiness (as we all are). All it truly makes them not a good long-term match for you. That’s all.

    And as long as you’re honest about your intentions with them, they’re adults too and can make their own decisions.

  2. So many low class people on POF and yet here you are. Do you often do shit like walk around a place like walmart and go wow the people who come here are so messed up.

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