POF : Why can you see everyone?

POF : Why can you see everyone?

Why are we seeing people that don’t match our preferences and then why are we able to see people that (based on their preferences) don’t want to see us?

I’m not a fan of writing someone a lengthy initial message and then have the site tell me « Messaging Disabled. SomeStreetTrash69 has disabled messaging for now, try sending a like instead! »

WTF is the « like » going to do? No one subscribes to that shitty site long enough to pay attention.

This site is such trash, but unfortunately it’s the shiniest of the online dating turds.

But does it still have to be so fucking horrible?

By. Particular-Coyote-38

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  1. IKR I’m now seeing matches from Dallas, LA, NYC. Nowhere’s near those cities.

    Use the mobile app and tap the message button, you’ll see the app version of “messaging disabled” and save the trouble of writing one word(s). I guess both messages mean we don’t fit their criteria-distance I assume.

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POF : He thought I was “so normal”…..after he sent message after message without a response. Maybe it’s not POF that’s crazy..

POF : Re