POF : Why can’t I find the guy I was messaging yesterday?

POF : Why can’t I find the guy I was messaging yesterday?

I just joined and started messaging a guy yesterday. We talked for about 3 or 4 hours! I went to bed and thought everything was going well.

Today I woke up and checked POF. His profile is no longer in my inbox. When I go to my ‘sent’ messages that section is completely empty. Since I just joined yesterday he is the only member I ever messaged back. I don’t know his username so I can’t search for his profile.

What does this mean?

If he deleted his account wouldn’t his deleted account name still show in my inbox? And if he blocked me wouldn’t I still be able to message him? He’d just never receive my messages?

What do you think happened?

By. seattlestorm95

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What do you think?

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  1. Sometimes users get flagged as scammers and they get totally erased.

    Because their interactions raise red flags in the system.

    At least that is what I presume because I have had users dissapear like this, and although their interactions had not reached scam level in my conversation, they were probably reaching scam level in other conversations.

    But yes they tend to give a certain vibe.

  2. I don’t think deleted profiles still show up in your messaging. He might also have blocked you, but if you were having a good conversation, I don’t think he would’ve done that.

  3. They most likely blocked you, or they were flagged as a scam by POF and completely erased and removed. When someone deletes their profile you can still see the messages that you exchanged with them but you can’t click on their profile. If someone blocks you, all the messages delete and you can still see their profile but you can’t message them

  4. My POF got hacked into tonight or maybe it POF deleted it, but if they did, they would have sent me an email.

    So his profile was probably hacked into since you two had an awesome conversation.

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