POF : Why can’t I get anyone to reply?

POF : Why can’t I get anyone to reply?

Is my profile that bad?




What should I change on my profile?

By. Jaderok72

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  1. Change the main profile pic to the full-body shot. A lot of the time anyone sees just a face, they think the person on the profile is hiding an unattractive (fat) body and don’t even bother looking at the rest of the pics; real talk.

    Bear in mind too, that online dating is gonna be a bit skewed for guys unless you’ve got a loooot going for you. I’ve seen on some womens profiles crazy nonsense like they get a hundred or so messages a day which is more than I’ve gotten in 3 years across 6 different dating apps. So you really have to stand out.

  2. What are you messaging them? I myself have only replied to messages that were interesting and from people that actually viewed my profile. Messages like hi there, hi beautiful, how was your day I rarely respond to.

  3. Lose the food pics, and like another commenter said make your main pic show more of you. I like the Angkor Wat pic, although you may want to crop in a tiny bit so that you take up more of the actual frame.

    You might want to elaborate a bit more on your interests. Tons of people like live music, for example, but maybe name a few bands you like, or at least a genre. Doesn’t have to be lengthy, but you might also list a few favorite TV shows, movies, books, or whatever you really enjoy. Specifics like that make it easier and less intimidating for someone to start a conversation with you because you already have stuff in common, even if it’s just an appreciation for the same tv series.

    Finally, what kind of opening messages are you sending to the women you’re interested in? If it’s a generic « hey » message, it’s not giving them much to work with, nor is it helping you stand out. If they wrote about their favorite stuff in their own profile, mention something from that. I’m always flattered and impressed when a guy sends an opening message that makes it clear he actually read my profile instead of just looking at the pictures. Good luck 🙂

  4. You just knocked out anyone who doesn’t necessarily « eat right ». Many people try but fall short and might be intimidated thinking if you go out to eat you’re going to get a salad while they want a burger. Unless you specifically want a woman who also eats correctly maybe change it to « I try to eat healthy most days ».

    Right off the bat I’m looking for a conversation starter. Personally, I love stand up comedy and music so I would start a conbersation with that. List a few specific bands or comedians. If you said « I saw George Carlin » I could jump right on that. If you said I love the local country music scene I know there are woman who would love to have a reason to put on their cowboy boots!

    I could ask you about your travels but I don’t have many stories of my own. You seem more worldly than me and that’s intimidating. Everyone likes to travel but most may not have the means or partner to travel with.

    And like other people said, the opening greeting is everything. Show me you’ve read my profile. Show me that you’re not casting your bait everywhere hoping for a reply. Those guys are obvious. It’s a numbers game on the women’s side also. It’s a « how can I whittle down 30 messages quickly to get to a guy who’s serious ».

    FWIW you’re cute. If I saw something we had in common i’d reply to you.

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