POF : Why click Meet Me if you’re not going to respond?

POF : Why click Meet Me if you’re not going to respond?

She’s had a couple of accounts. This is the third time she’s hit Meet Me and the second time I responded. I messaged her with « Thanks for hitting Meet Me. How are you? » since that’s what she had under conversation starters.

By. phed99

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  1. A lot of people don’t realize that clicking Maybe registers the same as clicking Yes. Just ignore Meet Me. It is just a POF version of Hot or Not and frequented by the bots and scammers.
    edit: forgot words

  2. Because she gets 10 messages an hour that all say the same nonsense.

    The only way to stand out is to slightly put her down.
    Try saying « Do you have any better pictures?? » and see how many more responses you get.

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