POF : Why do some messages not send?

POF : Why do some messages not send?

I messaged a girl asking if her bio was about a song. The next day I get a message from her and it showed up as a first message. I asked her if she got my message and replied to me and she said no. 2 year difference, message wasn’t sexual or anything. What’s going on there?

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  1. Pof has a very finicky filter , even the word « sex » has gotten my messages not sent, if it doesnt show up in sent folder, it didn’t send.

  2. You have the option of specifying how long the first message you receive should have to be. I think the options I saw were something like

    No restriction
    Greater than 50 characters
    Greater than 100 characters
    Greater than 250 characters.

    It’s possible she has one of the restrictions selected to prevent receiving the many inevitable « hi » « wyd » « hello sexy » messages

  3. It’s key words.. I have noticed that too.. Tired few words and there are many. Obviously the swear words and stuff phrases and so on.. Things like « tits up » and so on

  4. I have a question about messages, when I first signed up in December ‘17 I messaged a girl I thought was cute then she just like stopped coming online as far as I noticed, then I saw literally today she was online.
    My question, will my message still be in her inbox?

  5. Occam’s razor. If you received a notification that was dated -2 years, couldn’t that also happen to the messages you’ve sent. Did you receive a notification or email?

    Other than there you could basically point to anything and state that could be it (internet connection, overloaded server, overzealous scripts, etc).

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