POF : Why do some people get upset when they send a first message and get no response

POF : Why do some people get upset when they send a first message and get no response

I have been on and off pof for awhile now and I notice that a lot of people take it personal when they send a first message and get no response. I mean I have had guys send me a message, and get all pissed and message me a hate message if I don’t respond. I look at the profile and read the message and if I don’t feel like we have enough in common for a date or a message back then I don’t bother wasting that guys time.

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  1. Never really understood it myself…

    Never saw « F_ck you you stupid stuck up c_nt » get a positive reply.

    It will however get you in a buzzfeed article…

  2. They are probably new to online dating. Sometimes that first message, is difficult for them to write and can spend an hour or more (or even a day) trying to craft the perfect message (which still probably comes out like crap) only to have the person completely ignore them. It’s a learning experience and takes awhile to realize that the amount of effort isn’t worthwhile because the majority of women don’t reply (for whatever reason) and then you end up with form letters or « Hey » messages. It’s really a emotionally draining ordeal. Doesn’t mean you should respond. Just the reason some people go through this.

  3. They’re usually jaded and frustrated, that’s why. Nothing you can do about it. Some might say, start replying, but it’s pointless to reply if you’re not interested. It’s just part of the online dating world.

  4. 80%, give or take a few because its a rough number, of men are rated below average in looks on dating sites, most men send out a lot of messages to try and find a woman willing to talk, it gets frustrating.

    They are either new and not used to being ignored on a mass scale, or jaded and upset nobody will talk to them, its just part and parcel of online dating.

  5. I have never sent a hate message due to lack of response. I have however sent a follow up message or two, but never more than that. My hope was that even if my pictures and my profile didn’t win you over, maybe my charm and my wit will. It has never worked though, not even once.

  6. I have sent hundreds of messages over the last year. Actually thousands. Only girl that has responded recently was a middle aged woman whom I sent messages back and forth to for a few days.

  7. I don’t get it either no response is a response is my mentality. I’ve messaged guys myself, and if I don’t get a response it’s fine with me I just message someone else.

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