POF : why does stupid message get more response than a real nice thought out message?

POF : why does stupid message get more response than a real nice thought out message?

so i tried a few times posting the thing from master of none where all he types to girls on a dating app is hey im going to whole foods want me to pick you up something. and guess what i got a bunch of negative comments back and a few positive ones and they actually replied back though lol. why does that work better than me actually putting thought into a message and all that

By. xRoseColoredBoyx

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  1. I agree with the above post, but at the same time « hey » isn’t going to get you a reply.

    Try creating a template to minimize effort and maximize results.

    « HI _____.

    I really liked your profile and you’re right about ______.


    Totally agree. I noticed we have a lot in common, also a fan of ________.

    Do you like _____?

    Also that’s a great picture of you at _____. I have always wanted to try it. It must be a lot of fun.

    I bet you would really like ____ .

    Have a wonderful day! »


  2. Let’s get real. This is all about the photo. We live in a visual, shallow, non-literate world. These apps have taken the writing out of the equation heavily weighting the advantage to the broncos studs.

  3. My guess is that they are overwhelmed with boring, well thought out, messages, and just want something that really catches their attentions. Douchebags are usually pretty good at that. When you are in class, would you rather the teacher give you a ten minute, well thought out lecture on a subject, or would you rather watch a video with lots of jokes and montages and music and action?

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