POF : Why don’t women put more interests in their profiles?

POF : Why don’t women put more interests in their profiles?

Seriously, why do they typically only put 3 -5 interests? And usually the ones they list are completely generic and boring.

I probably have about 20 or so interests on my profile. I have tons of interests and I’m eager to share the things I’m passionate about but it seems like a lot of the profiles I see on PoF are pretty darn lazy and don’t give me much to go on. You’d think writing a list of things you like would be one of the easier tasks in regard to making your profile.

By. Strideo

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  1. It’s obviously enough to get them the type of dates they are looking for. In my opinion, that’s the type of girl who won’t put any effort into a relationship either. So, if you are looking for a quick fling, and you are attractive, these might be the girls for you…

  2. Hell, you’re lucky to see ANY interests in the profile. I’ve seen more than my share of blank profiles on there. Maybe they just think they can put up a picture & that’s it.

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