POF : Why wont it let me set an age preference?

POF : Why wont it let me set an age preference?

Havent been on pof in a while but i remember before i use to be able to set an age preference, now i try to set it and it automatically stays on 35-36 even though i try to set it at 35-55

By. Eddiesmokes323

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  1. The age preference setting works, but it doesn’t seem to stick if you leave the search and go back. I’m telling you, whoever is the product manager for this needs to be fired. There are so many bugs and inconsistencies between mobile and desktop versions, and events that get fired but never reflect correctly.

    POF, hire me – as a BA/Product Owner I can kill all these bugs and make your product tight as hell within a year…

  2. POF only lets you search 14 years above or below your age. It’s a bit buggy so you might see some weird stuff going on. But the 14 year limit has been around for ages, definitely cannot break that rule.

  3. On Android, it saved all my changes, including age preference. I set the values, searched, left the page, then went back and they were retained. Android 10 (this is a motorola device, so it’s running pure android, not modified like Samsung), Chrome browser v. 85.0.4183.101.

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