POF : Will my height be an issue on this site? 29 (M) 5’5″, really short.

POF : Will my height be an issue on this site? 29 (M) 5’5″, really short.

The title says it all. I have had bad experiences with online dating due to women not wanting to give me a chance or going out of their way to message and mock me for being short for no reason at all (I mean, like really? You could’ve just not messaged me instead; its not like I messaged you). Is there a way to get past this issue or I doomed in regards to online dating?

By. Cejara1

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  1. Kinda think it’s shallow that some women only prefer sky scraper sized guys.

    I like guys that are my height (5’5) up to 5’10.
    I won’t go any taller. You aren’t doomed. I’m sure there are other women like me 🙂

  2. As a tall guy, I find it incredibly discriminatory to do this to dudes. The fact that this even has to be a concern for you pisses me off. It shouldn’t be an issue anywhere my friend. I hope you find yourself a more accepting and rational woman. May have to look offline for that though lol.

  3. You are not doomed. You have to be realistic. Going on to a dating site is like going into a bigger bar on singles night. At your old bar might hold 100 woman and 1 of that 100 would want to date you. You go to a place that holds 1000 women and, given the same ratio, 10 women who would date you but that also means 990 women don’t.

    If they mock you, report them and keep hope. Women are told you have to kiss many frogs to find their prince. Sadly we men also have to kiss many princess to find the one who will recognize us as the prince we always were.

  4. Only if you are shorter than the woman you message.


    Sometimes women want someone taller than them while wearing heels, to make thing more annoying I guess.


    Maybe we should wear moon shoes if they wear heels.

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