POF : Women are picky these days

POF : Women are picky these days

They have a long list of requirements from a guy and the guy must tick every box and all they bring to the table is their pussy,
and am even talking about these disgusting obese women who are not easy on the eye, unemployed, unemployable single mothers who are in their late 30’s early 40’s who have hit the wall and their looks are rapidly declining.

By. PieFace2

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  1. I am a woman and the only requirements I have on my profile:

    1. read my whole profile instead of just going off my pictures and sending me a message. Even my headline says read my profile. Oh how I miss the days when the meet me feature showed the person’s headline.
    2. That you are not looking for a hookup because I am not looking for that
    3. Have recent photos of yourself. I have gotten to dates a few times and one of the times the guy looked nothing like this photos and admitted they were 5yrs old the one’s he was using.
    4. I would prefer someone who is close by to where I live within 30 miles.
    5. If you have a photo that isn’t of you, but you just throw a photo on your profile just to be able to message me then I won’t respond.

    All those are not a lot to ask. Also a guy can’t message me if they have no photos. I ask for photos not for looks, for the simple fact that I have seen the catfish and I would like to be able to see who I am talking to.

    Ya know before I met this one guy 2yrs ago who did not tell me until the middle of the first date that he had a son, I wasn’t someone who wanted to date someone with kids already. After that happened I became more opened to it and I learned a lot about them and a lot about people who already have kids that are honestly just trying to find someone else to be happy with. You can’t assume that just because she had 2 kids that she was looking for someone to take care of her and her kids in that way, because a number of people with kids already are not like that. It is such a shame too because the one’s who actually are like that give a bad name to the one’s who are not like that. I mean you do what you want to do, but you never know this could of been a great woman, but because she had kids you automatically just said nope. You might be surprised if you just be more open to stuff like that. Keep in mind your soulmate (if you believe in that) may different from your actual type or expectations.

  2. You might want to try another website. You might also want to try not referring to women as « disgusting. »

    Why do you care whether you meet the requirements of women you wouldn’t want to date, anyway?

  3. Yeah there’s a reason they are still single after all this time.

    I don’t bother so much. Work on myself, getting fitter, good things will come to those who wait. Have faith brother!

  4. Because that’s the future mate, unfortunately you’re up against the rest of the world these days with the reach of internet so bitches can have these dumbass requirements when they’re getting all the validation.

  5. You brag about getting a date on POF in a previous post then a few days latter you’re on here complaining that women’s standards that are too high? That’s pretty funny actually. Things didn’t go as well as you hoped?

  6. In terms of what they bring to the table, I will agree with you when it comes to the unattractive women. As for the attractive women, that is all they need to bring so shut up, picky bastard!

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