POF : Women With Too Many Needs IN Bio

POF : Women With Too Many Needs IN Bio

i see these profiles all the time and just avoid em like the plague for instance

she will be like

im looking a guy who is six foot who has black hair blue eyes a 9 inch cock needs at least a job as a lawyer and doctor who has a sports car who doesn’t have kids who is willing to take care of my kids who need to eat chipotle daily im also looking for a guy willing to put me in their will !! i only date black guys not interested in hook ups and please don’t message me if you haven’t read the bible because i’m jesus loving girl who needs a christian man must love small dogs and be able to fix my car as well walk on water please don’t just message me hey i’m not a horse but id like you to have at least a couple acres !!

something like that!!

By. Nezzyknowzzz666

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  1. lol I have seen guys with that stuff in their profile. I only state I am just looking for someone I can enjoy sporting events with and lots of fun travels with

  2. This is actually hilarious and true, but you forgot six pack abs too

    For real tho people can just make a super specific checklist and hope a person just spontaneously generates

  3. Guys have that stuff in their profiles all the time or they include it in the messages.

    I had a guy message me and a few messages in he has “some preferences.” Ok, I ask what they are. They are “smart, loyal, funny, has a job, has her life sorted out, a nice backside, and shares the same interests.”

    He proceeds to ask if I have thise qualities. I laugh since the nice backside is tacky and then I proceed to tell him we have no interests in common. Then I delete the thread after he responds.

  4. Meh, skip it and move on.

    Unrealistic standards = Die alone in an apartment full of cats.

    Lots of good people out there. Don’t waste your time.

  5. Hmmm, I always see that but with white guys only.. must be where you live 😛

    Oh but don’t you date put, « must have big boobs » or you’re a sexist asshole

  6. Maybe it’s just where I live, but I have never once seen any girl in online dating say you need to have a certain dick size or a six pack. I have only rarely seen women specify that they would like you to be taller than them. I feel like maybe you’re exaggerating things a bit? The only common requirements/request I see women put in their profiles are things like no-hook ups, I’m overweight so you need to be okay with that, I have kids so you need to be okay with that or maybe just a general « you should have your life together ».

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