POF : Worth the price?

POF : Worth the price?

Just wanting to try for a few months but is it worth the price?

By. Fred1751

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  1. So I bought a month of POF when I had some extra income and while I tried all the major ones, POF I liked the most. I enjoyed that it showed me when the person read my messages, and to see extra parts of their profile (if they’ve filled it out) without having to pay extra or for something completely different to see that like other apps make you do (I’m looking at you bumble) I also enjoyed being able to actually see who viewed me and who liked me without only accessing it from the drop menu (I’ve only used POF on Apple and Android, so I’m not sure what it’s called on the actual website) I actually felt that it was the most bang for my buck when I bought it.

    Of course, all that being said, to me POF has waaaaay more free features than any of the other ones. I tend to only use POF for chatting since I get more out of it.

  2. Yeah, being the first normal person before the sea of dick pics is invaluable. You can view new members.

    It’s the old PC style of POF that I’m used to. Been using on and off since 05. Bought it when blackout drunk and didn’t realize. I let it lapse and couldn’t see shit so I got it again.

    Being able to see if they viewed and liked or just liked you tells you whether they only used match or they are actually interested. Same as if you send a message, if it sits unread for a login cycle you can treat them differently to how you might have.

    It’s also adorable as fuck when someone you’re chatting with keeps checking your profile.

    But I’m 38, Aussie, a cripple (lots of free time on DSP), and my specialty is mums with kids at school. Since starting using it again 9ish weeks ago I have chatted with quite a few people that just didn’t spark. Met 2 that weren’t true to their word (One said her bf was aware, he was not. One said condoms don’t matter in the moment after we agreed their use was essential, kicked her the fuck out). 1 worst sex of my life. Prospect of meeting 2 others when Sydney lockdown lifted.

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