POF : would you call this a success?

POF : would you call this a success?

moved to argentina from australia

I dont speak spanish so options are limited

meet 5 women in 7 months from it using tinder

dated one for 2 months got laid with her

kissed 1 of them as well

are these stats good?

By. [deleted]

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  1. Very good, that’s how dating should go.


    Let me tell you how pof goes for me, I make a profile, message some women, message some more women, expand my search and message a few I wouldn’t consider a first choice, none of them respond, i message every woman in the local area and a few respond, i chat to them for a while, most of them fizzle out, i might get 1-2 dates per year if I am lucky.


    Then I reach the getting blocked limit where if enough women block you, you get banned from the site, so I make a new profile and try to avoid women I previously messaged so i don’t hit the blocking limit again, which is hard and takes some remembering, luckily I am good with faces so I usually know who I have talked to before.


    You are doing a lot better than me.

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