POF : Years later…

POF : Years later…

Ive been a member of POF for several years. I eas a paying member for almost two years.

Are there any real profiles on there any more? I havent seen a real profile in, rough guess, two years. Ive also only only ever talked with three women and was ghosted after 10-20 minutes.

(I’ve had many other conversations but they were clearly and unmistakably scamer accounts.)

If there are still real and active members on their website/app, why are they so hard to find. No one ever answers back.

By. Warhead3pt0

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  1. 40F and I hear that a lot from guys. I don’t think there are as many fake male profile or bots or whatever, but there are actual females on there LOL. Some days I can get 40-ish messages though, and I’m not what I would consider beautiful or some great catch – it’s just how it seems to go. Lots of fake female profiles cause the guys to send insane amounts of messages so that they get to one or two real profiles, but then those real profiles are drowning in messages. It’s too much to keep up with and I’m sure nice and real guys get passed over because of it.

  2. That’s gotta be crazy several years of being on POF but almost no matches. Maybe something you can try is creating a new profile? If you were to create a new profile you’d give some of the people who previously rejected you another chance at matching with you.


    Would you mind sharing a link to your profile though so we can take a look and maybe offer some advice? I use to be on POF and had some pretty bad pictures never got any matches. I updated my pictures with some decent shots and started getting a ton of matches.

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