POF : Yikes!

POF : Yikes!

I met a true preditor on POF. I’m not going to go into the story, but you can look at my post history to read it. I posted the story to another group. Please please be careful! I’m pretty sure this guy uses POF to find victims to drug and take photos. Who knows what else. I barely escaped. I think the only reason I did, was because I vomited most of the drug out. I am on narcotics because my stage 4 cancer and I believe the « drug » he gave me mixed a bit and made me vomit. My Dr. Said that if I hadn’t thrown up, I could be dead from overdose. I wear a fentanyl patch and fentanyl does not mix well with other stuff. I was so scared. I filed a report and I’m hiding out at my parents right now because I’m worried about retaliation. My message to you is to please be careful and always have an exit plan. I wish I could post his name to warn people, but I think it’s against the rules. He « seemed » so normal the first date, then bam, second date was me running for my life. Thanks for reading.

By. Hippygma

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