the 10 signs that never fail!

the 10 signs that never fail!

the 10 signs that never fail!

Ah the big question! Are you rather, or even completely, crazy about him but you are not sure if it is mutual? How do you know if he’s in love?

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It is normal to ask the question and above all, to want an answer. He has everything to please you and there, just thinking of him, you have that smirk and the desire to be with him.

No doubt, you are in love with him but what about him? How can you find the answer to your question? What if he isn’t in love with you after all? What if he’s madly in love with you?

I intend to help you see more clearly my dear. Believe me, there are some signs that don’t lie. And then, who better than a man can tell you if yours is in love with you or not?

Come on, let’s see this together right away.

10 signs that he is in love with you

I’m going to get to the heart of the matter with these 10 signs that prove he’s in love with you:

1. Monsieur is gaga with you

If sir is gaga with you, that he takes on boyish or even baby tones when he speaks to you, no doubt, he is in love with you.

A man in love has no difficulty and no embarrassment in being vulnerable and gaga towards the woman he loves. It is completely tender when he looks at you and his completely gaga little voice proves that he is crazy about you.

He even goes so far as to smile and laugh stupidly thinking of you or watching you do or say something. If your man is gaga around you, it is because he feels really comfortable in your company and that he feels good.

2. He is interested in you and listens to you

If your guy is interested in you and listens to you, he is clearly in love with you.

A man who only talks about himself and he’s dead all the time, he doesn’t love you. On the other hand, if he asks you questions to get to know you better and if he listens to your answers carefully, it is because he loves you.

Obviously, he can sometimes lack attention if you talk to him about subjects a little too much  » girly Like reality shows or shopping. That said, for girls’ subjects, luckily your girlfriends are there for that.

3. He shares his privacy with you

A man who shares his intimacy with you is that he trusts you.

So if you’re together, he’s most definitely in love with you. A man does not share his privacy with just anyone and he is even more careful when it comes to women.

He tells you personal things about him, he asks your opinion on things that are close to his heart or even on trivial matters, he trusts you. And he lets you know.

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4. He tells you the stories of his past

He does not hesitate to tell you what he went through before meeting you. His family stories, his love stories, his most personal stories.

He even tells you the most shameful anecdote of his high school years. In short, you weren’t there yet in his past and he clearly wants to talk to you about it, as if you were there. He loves you that boy, no doubt.

5. He is physically close to you

If your guy is physically close to you, he’s tactile and cuddly, he always finds an excuse to touch you, it’s because he’s in love with you.

He is generous in showing affection and tenderness towards you. It’s clear, you crack him up completely and he wants to show it to you, quite naturally, effortlessly.

I add the desire here. If he wants you, of course, that’s pretty self-explanatory.

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6. He loves everything about you

Even when you have a bad cold, your nose all red, wrapped in your plaid, your eyes watery and feverish, sir you still love. He takes care of you and too bad if you infect him, he loves everything about you, even when you are not to your advantage. He doesn’t care, it’s you he loves and everything that makes you you.

7. He has your happiness at heart!

It will never stop you from being happy, on the contrary. He cares about your happiness and he proves it to you.

If you dream of going on a humanitarian mission for 3 weeks in Africa, well he will let you go and he will encourage you to make your dream come true. Even if that means being away from each other for a while, what matters is your happiness, and he supports you all the way.

8. He wants to please you

A guy who isn’t in love won’t take his mind off you at all. On the other hand, if he wants to please you, that changes the game. If something would make you really happy, it will make you happy.

Well, be careful, let’s not go to extremes. If you dream of a Ferrari but he can’t afford it, that doesn’t mean he’s not in love with you. On the other hand, if he makes concessions to please you, it is because he loves you.

9. It integrates you at all levels

He integrates you at all levels, that is to say he wants to spend time with you when you are the two of you. Then he wants to meet your loved ones (family and friends) and spend time with you and them too.

Finally, he wants to introduce his entourage to you as well and that you spend time together. If a guy loves hanging out with you but doesn’t want to meet your loved ones or introduce his people, he’s clearly not in love with you.

10. He does projects with you

So there, my dear, if Mr. is making plans with you, it is because he sees himself with you and therefore, that he loves you.

A man who is in love makes plans. A man who is not in love has no plans. It’s that simple. Whether it’s going to the movies next week or going on vacation in three months, he loves you for sure.

And besides these signs, what do you need to know about a man in love?

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A man in love is not an acquired man. Yes, of course, he loves you but be careful not to take your man for granted, on the contrary.

He will feel it and he won’t like it … Do you also want to feel wanted and be seduced by the man you love? Well for a man, it’s the same.

Even if he is in love, he wants to feel that you want him and that you still want to seduce him.

For example, it is impossible to consider a couple without sex. It’s not just that, of course, but sex is extremely important in a couple, as much for the man as for the woman.

Besides, I have an anecdote to tell you:

David and Leila have been married for 10 years, they are still young, in their thirties, and they have two children. They are in love and their couple is strong. Sometimes there are ups and downs for sure. It’s been a few days that the couple is tense and can not communicate without arguing.

One evening, David comes home from work and gets closer to Leila to make love to her. Leila gets angry and throws him « damn but you think about that! « .

Result of the races, another argument.

However, what Leila did not understand is that David was stressed by his work and could not see the end of it.

He had trouble talking to her about it and for him, his comfort is making love to the woman he loves. In short, all this to tell you that men and women do not work the same way, even if they are in love.

A man like David can manifest his love and his need for comfort in desiring his wife and having a moment of intimacy with her.

No, men don’t just think of “that” but it’s often their way of finding or seeking comfort from the woman they love when they can’t find the words to express it.

And then it’s still wonderful that a man wants his wife after 10 years together and two children, right ?!

In short, love is maintained. It’s like a plant, you have to water it and take care of it so that it will live and flourish over time.


With all of this, you have to be able to tell if he’s in love with you or not.

If you have any doubts, it probably isn’t or you are completely blind. But don’t put the cart before the horse and be patient.

Sometimes, some men take longer to show that they are in love because they, too, like some women, are protecting themselves.

Wounds from the past may slow your pace, but one thing will never betray you: your instincts. Listen to your instincts, trust your inner voice and do not hesitate to communicate with your partner to find out more.

So, what do you think ? Are you sure your man is in love with you? Tell us about your doubts, your certainties, your experiences.



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