Tinder : Age discrimination on Boost prices for older people

Tinder : Age discrimination on Boost prices for older people

Ok so I just turned 30 and haven’t bought a boost for a few months and I’m pretty sure boost prices went from $2.00 to $6.00 because of my age and I have to say this is bullshit in California they had a class lawsuit based on age won I’m in New York and if anybody wants to get a class action lawsuit going I’ll gladly be apart of it.

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  1. Why not save the money on boosts and instead beef up your profile?

    Hire a professional photographer (they’re on Groupon for as low as $20 for a session) and have appealing photos of you taken to show off your interests and appeal.

    Granted I haven’t been on Tinder for a while so I haven’t experienced the Boost process since it came out.

  2. They know their market: small group of selective men, enormous group of selective women, and the inverses filling out the rest of the populations.

    Raising boost prices just captures a lot of extra value from people who don’t already have their pick of the litter, which is a lot of men and a smaller number of women, it seems.

    Adding in the realities of age to an already brutal visual dating market makes the perceived value of the boosts etc. higher in the customer’s minds. It’s a shitty way of making money but they wouldn’t do it if people didn’t buy it.

    Same reason plus and gold now exist instead of just plus and the reason competitors now ape tinder in one respect or another, see: OKC.

    Good luck with the suit since it is a discriminatory pricing model but be prepared for someone to ask what the serious alternate proposal is that respects their right to run a business. Most realistic scenario everyone is paying an inflated price of some kind since Tinder isn’t going to lop off a whole revenue stream.

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