POF : Is it too much to ask for someone to actually read my profile

POF : Is it too much to ask for someone to actually read my profile

I don’t get a lot of messages but some of the one’s I do get are from guys who didn’t even bother to read my profile and it get’s so friggin frustrating. I am on here not for a long time or a good time, I am on here to find a great guy possibly that i can eventually have a long term relationship that may lead to marriage. I keep getting guys who just wanna hook up and it gets old after awhile. I asked a guy once if he read my profile and he said nope. I was like well then you should read my profile, and he goes nah I don’t want to. So I basically just said bye. I mean it really sucks now a days

By. rsoxgal36

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  1. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong, by thoroughly reading women’s profiles and carefully selecting which ones to message based upon our compatibility and similar interests. I get zero responses that way, and also get messages from women who obviously did not read my profile at all. Just taking wild stabs in the dark seems to be most people’s MO.

  2. Yeah, it’s tough for guys too. I explicitly state « Casual dating/Nothing serious, » but get messaged by « Actively seeking Relationship » or « Want’s to find someone to Marry. » The other side of the coin, is guys like me, who read your profile, send out a message like, « Hey, I really like *INSERT INTEREST HERE* as well. I see that you’re not looking for anything too serious. . . » Blah blah blah. Don’t even get a profile view, let alone a response.

    Let’s face it. On-line dating just sucks.

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