Tinder : Always worth the immediate unmatch

Tinder : Always worth the immediate unmatch

Always worth the immediate unmatch

By. tealyg99

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  1. Very true. r/tinder is not representative of the general pop. I see some of the cringiest things get lauded here that would only get you as far as your front door. There’s also some genius stuff posted here that I quickly downvote and claim as my own.

  2. I’ve come to realize that r/tinder is just filled with edgy memelords who when they’re not posting shit jokes that we’ve all seen 1000 times, they’re complaining about how ugly they are and can’t get a girl.

    It’s super, duper cringe.

  3. honestly,

    would you rather have guarantee free karma and feel great about it from strangers, or a 1% chance the girl is interested in you.

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