Tinder : And thats a fact *sobs in ugly*

Tinder : And thats a fact *sobs in ugly*

And thats a fact *sobs in ugly*

By. JohnVaasSkywalker

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  1. Right? Everyone is talking about how they’ve been super liked. Meanwhile I’ve received 1 super like in all my years of using tinder and it was a mistake

  2. I would say it’s more about self loathing people complaining about not getting matches. Sometimes going to the comment section just makes me cringe because the top comment is almost always a guy talking about “rules 1 and 2” or complaining that he never gets matches.

  3. I think most of the stuff is actually funny. But there are definitely posts where the girl says « LMAOOOOO OMG THAT WAS SO SMOOTH! » to a really lame joke and l just have to think, man it must be nice to have such smoldering good looks.

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