Tinder : Big Facts.

Tinder : Big Facts.

Big Facts.

By. PunsbyMann

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  1. This is why I deleted hinge.

    They kept ‘suggesting’ people as good matches, who not only had zero matching interests but also looked like cave trolls, and I would decline every single one of them and the app never seemed to track that and adjust its suggestions.

    Like an app that is specifically designed for you not to swipe on pictures but actually select an element from their profile that you like… doesn’t seem to be able to track those commons traits and spit them out as suggestions

  2. because everyone has a shot in online dating, regardless of their genetics?

    (i agree, but maybe i’m interpreting it since its not a very popular opinion. genetic diversity is good, btw, from a biological standpoint.)

  3. The model isn’t really accurate. Interestingly, all of us homosapians would have been black up until the last evolution, at which point we all branched out in skin colour.

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