Dating : Dating a Trap… Maybe.

Dating : Dating a Trap… Maybe.

This is my first post on here, so bear with me if it goes on too long.
I had a liking for traps for a long time, I think up to the point where girls no longer interest me. I just don’t really have the courage to ask someone out, and it’s killing me how much I just want a partner. I’m just a chill guy who likes animals and bugs, and so far, no one really seems to like me.
I dunno what’s wrong with me… maybe dating isn’t really for me at all.

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  1. A trap is a good way to catch animals like you said you like. I have a raccoon trap in my garage if they keep getting into the garbage. Dating a trap? I’ve heard of pet rocks or people liking their cars but how do you? If you want to date a trap you can, but I don’t think it would be beneficial.

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