Tinder : Business Ethics

Tinder : Business Ethics

Business Ethics

By. _pinkstripes_

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  1. How is there this level of confusion?

    Yes girls do this.

    Why? Because men keep sending money.

    It’s really that simple. I promise if any of you commenting had a path that easy to money you would take it at some point in your life.

  2. Just a friendly reminder guys activate security on your Ecash apps as more and more woman are taking phones and sending themselves large amounts of money.

    Just happened to my friend last week, & one post on the front page of reddit had it happen to a guy too

  3. These bitches ever heard of PayPal?

    If im sending money, it better have buyer protection.

    If the biotch makes bs promises…, you open a dispute.

  4. Is she (these types of ppl) asking for money for the sole purpose of asking for money, b/c she has a chance of getting it as a female or is there subtext that this a fee for some service to be named later…?

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